Setting the Flower Towers in cities requires the highest safety standards. That is the reason why, while designing, we put so such emphasis on the finishing. The Flower Towers do not have any harp or other unsafe elements.


Cascade system
The round shape and rubber gaskets installed on the edges of the rings ensure the safety use of the Flower Towers without the risk of damage to health. The solid production guarantees the stability. It means that the cascade construction is resistant to external factors.

Attention to detail
The mounting system of the Hanging Flower Towers W600 was adapted to the requirements of the street lamp manufacturers’ warranties. The right fixing of the construction doesn’t damage a lamppost or cause any scratch on its surface. In this way you get an aesthetically flowered lamp. 

Anti-theft system

We took care of your peaceful sleep. Anti-theft system, which is available with the certain Flower Tower models, allows them to be installed to the ground. Thanks to that solution the constructions are immovable and impossible to be stolen.



It is said that the quality is more important than the quantity but in case of the Terra Flower Towers they are equally relevant. Years of experience, numerous references and the best materials used in production - these are the features which indicate the high quality of Flower Towers. 


Years of experience
For the last 15 years we have byeen creating the Flower Towers, which have become more and more popular in many cities. What makes them so special is not only the cascade system but also the finish and modern ways of production. All elements are laser-cut and hot-dip galvanised.

Appreciated by users
Almost every project over the last years has been confirmed by appropriate references issued by the Polish and German municipal authorities. The positive feedback refers to our products and customer service. 

Effective solutions

The basic versions of a hanging W600 model and a standing H1100 model are galvanized and powder coated, so as to provide a double protection against corrosion. Thanks to that, you can be sure that the Flower Towers will serve you for many years.



What makes Flower Towers so universal? The possibility to use them the whole year, mobility and the variety of models and their applications. These are only some of their functions. The Flower Towers are easy to adjust to the chosen place, whether it is if it’s a big  square in the city centre or a small place on the estate. 


Personalised decoration
The adjustment of a construction to surroundings is really easy. Choose the most suitable model for you and the flower version from our Flower Menu that corresponds with the background colours. Thanks to it you’ll create an extraordinary Flower Tower blending in with the landscape.

A beautiful city all year long
Specially for the winter season, we’ve prepared a collection of Christmas covers on our constructions and therefore eliminated the problem of storing off the summer season. Just in a few moments you’ll transform every model into a Christmas tree or hanging Christmas balls. You’ll find the details on